Green Health Smoothie

Green Health Smoothie:

(Makes 8 cups)

*I make this smoothie recipe every week and drink it almost daily. It is PACKED with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, along with vitamin C, A, and K ingredients. It is delicious, sweet, refreshing, and a wonderful way to start your day or get an added pick-me-up! Most importantly, this will keep you healthy and will repair your body from the stresses of daily living!

P.S.-I used my Vitamix 7500 to make these, which gives it a completely smooth creamy texture. You may not get the same smooth creamy results with a regular blender, but it will still be good! I made these smoothies with a regular blender before my Vitamix came into my life as well!


-1 cup organic kale greens

-2 large organic apples (cored and cut into quarters-I used honeycrips apples)

-2 organic lemons (quartered with peel and seeds removed)

-2 organic oranges (quartered and peeled with seeds removed)

*You can also just squeeze the juice of the lemons and oranges into the blender with the other ingredients if you are running short on time.

-4 one-inch cubes of organic ginger root (peeled)

*Did you know ginger is a great antimicrobial agent for the gut? It helps get rid of the bad bacteria and keeps the good!

-One 3-inch piece of turmeric root (peeled)-Optional, but highly recommended for anti-inflammatory benefits.

-4 cups of romaine lettuce

-3/4 cups water

-1 1/2 tablespoons of organic liquid Stevia (Trader Joes brand is great!)

-1 cucumber peeled and chopped into large pieces

-2 tablespoons of fresh or dried organic mint leaves.

-1 banana peeled


  1. Combine all your ingredients in a blender or Vitamix. If using a Vitamix start on level one for one minute and then increase to level 10 until smooth.
  2. ENJOY! This will keep in the fridge in a covered container or pitcher for a week!


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