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Paleo French Vanilla-Banana Ice Cream

Paleo French Vanilla-Banana Ice Cream:

(Makes about 4 cups)

*This is the easiest ice cream you will ever make! And so healthy and good for you!

I used my Vitamix 7500 to make this recipe, but it can also be made in a regular blender. It just comes out a bit creamier and freezes a little better than when using a regular blender. Enjoy!!!


-6 frozen peeled bananas

-1 cup of ice

-1 tsp. Himalayan sea salt (or other sea salt)

-1/3 cup light coconut milk (Trader Joes Brand is HIGHLY preferred because it is only coconut milk and water…no gross guar gum or other additives)

-2 cups vanilla or regular almond milk (I really like it with Almond Breeze’s new almond milk with a hint of honey)…even better for you if you make your own almond milk!

-3 Tbsp. organic liquid Stevia (Trader Joes brand preferred again!)

-2 Tbsp. organic vanilla extract (or1 Tbsp. scraped vanilla bean)

-*Optional but highly recommended…Add 1 cup of sliced, frozen peaches. I’m not sure why, but the peaches makes the ices cream taste even more like french vanilla!


  1. Peel and freeze your bananas in a Ziploc freezer bag overnight.
  2. Combine all your ingredients in your blender or Vitamix and blend until smooth. If using a Vitamix stay at level 3 or 4 and below so it stays cold.
  3. Enjoy! And if you freeze the rest for later, let it thaw for about 10 minutes out of the freezer before scooping it out.